Message from the Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Fellow citizens on earth, possibly in space and in the moon, I ask for your acknowledgement in my consideration that we all remain one family of one network of life.  This gift of life we should share as a true relationship among we humans in spite of our origin or other distinctions.

I seem somewhat confused how the world is being described as a global village when a set of its members cannot afford to connect to the rest of its village mates. YACI thinks in the same vein, but had rather choose to champion the course of constructing high ways through which Sierra Leonean children and youth can network through Information Communication Technology.

This state of confusion could be owed to so many factors, with self-involvement coming in front.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer  Mr. Fenty James Conteh

I beg the youth, especially Sierra Leonean young people to get involved in the strides to network our future. Let us avoid differing our ICT dreams to a next generation when in other parts of the global community there are our counterparts that have long awaken from a dream we yet differ to a tomorrow that never comes.

We can! Of course we can if we look little on our governments, though governments will be held certainly responsible for failing to facilitate the desired ICT realization. We can! Yes, when we take actions towards bringing up the country’s children in a peaceful and healthy society that is challenging their intellectuality with the many innovations that comes with ICT and its benefits that follows.

Forever there will be innovations. I am looking forward to having a Sierra Leonean Child win another International ICT Award due for the Guinness Book of Record. Let me Congratulate those brothers and sister on their way to win mettle and help crown our country with brilliant honour on ICT.

I would love to share my passion with you always, as long as we will live on earth. You may have got in mind your aspiration about children, youth and their ICT future.  And you have little idea to get it done, or in search of collaborations to fulfill your much desired work, YACI can help to deliver your promise, realize your aspiration and complete the circle of ICT no matter the corner the child or youth is in Sierra Leone.


Fenty James Conteh