YACI-Sierra Leone is a voluntary humanitarian, Charitable and developmental organization which Advocates, Advances and Capacitates Children and Youth to promote, protect and educate their rights across the globe.



YACIs mission is to promote the Formal, informal, Vocational and Information Communication technology literacy among Children and Youth; both in their learning institutions and various local Communities;

  To create and promote the awareness among children and youth on the importance of education and to discourage all forms of discriminations and deprivations among the Children and Youth. To promote the participation of children, youth and stakeholders to express their views in matters that will help them to be and to live better lives in the near and far future.

  To improve the skills of children and youth to meaningfully contribute in both Nation building processes (that is: by upgrading both the Standards and costs of living of children in their various Local and National Communities) and creating opportunities for all.

  To partners with other organizations that will work to improve the lives of vulnerable children and youth.  

  To intensify donor advocacy, strengthen the support and promote the computer literacy in schools and communities respectively, through the creation of Resource Centers, opportunities and facilities, among many other things.


  To use information communication technology (I.C.T) as a primary channel to see that all vulnerable kids, students and youth in Sierra Leone know their fundamental and universal rights to quality education or knowledge, as well as the Advancement, improvement and Capacity Building of their Human and Material Resources.

  To see that those deprived children and youth are reintegrated to a better and properly secured life with adequate capacity to overcome the challenges ahead.

  To see how we can encourage the Children/youth in their various Communities, so as to find out the ways to learn how to read, write and contribute in national a myriad (or a diverse) of other developments in the country.


  We use the honest sense of determinations and participations to deliver both the Theoretical and Practical services due to Humanity.

  To recognize, defend and preserve the respects for the rights, the needs, wills and future well-being of the Children and Youth.

  We target the most vulnerable and less privileged Children and Youth in both the rural and urban communities as our utmost focus.

  We strive to develop their technical skills by teaching them information Communication technology in primary and secondary schools, as well as in tertiary / training institutions and their various communities. 



The main goal of YACI-SL is to continue to harvest Advanced, Improved and Capacitated Children and Youth with the proper Education, Vocational Skills Trainings, I.C.T knowledge etc, by developing Socio-Economic, Intellectual, Cultural and even political sensitization programs organized in learning and training institutions and local communities to sustain the protection of human rights violation in the country. 


We value the Policy of Gender Parity (Equality and Equity) and Mainstreaming between and among the male and female children and youth in an at all levels of our programs.

Equally so, we value the involvement, participation and the consultations of the Persons with Disabilities, as well as to prevent every forms of descrimination between and among them.



The scope of the foundation of YACI-SL is based upon the international convention of the rights of a children (ICRC), the African Charter on the rights of a child, the Sierra Leone Child Rights Act (2007) and covered by the fundament-universal declarations of Human rights,

These instruments are going to be the compass, the torch-bearer and the circle around which we pursue the achievement of the above vision and Goal.